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Enza Zaden USA, Inc.
Enza Zaden USA, Inc.
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Enza Zaden is a global leader in vegetable seed breeding, with operations in 21 countries worldwide. Enza Zaden invested heavily in the onion program for over a decade, leveraging breeding locations in Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand and here in the U.S., and working very closely with growers to understand the market. The new facility in Salinas California, complemented by infrastructure investments in greenhouses, digital phenotyping, breeding technologies and expanded trialing locations in North America, is helping us take our onion program to the next level. U.S. growers also benefit from a dedicated regional sales team that prides itself on local knowledge and dedication to grower needs. Building and maintaining quality relationships is key to the team’s ongoing strategy to provide informed and local service.

Enza Zaden’s onion portfolio currently includes top short and intermediate-day programs, and a maturing pipeline of competitive hybrids for all market segments.

Jean-Francois Thomin, Marketing Manager
1 831-998-2248
Javier Russek, Sr. Product Specialist, Western US
1 831-240-5736
Shaina Bronstein, Organic Sales Representative
1 831-737-0525
Justin Lanier, Dealer Sales Representative, Southeast US
1 941-702-0928
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Enza Zaden USA, Inc.

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